Keynote speaker Dr. Nataša Kovačević

Kolektor Group company, Slovenia

Dr. Nataša Kovačević is project manager at Kolektor Group company, awarded PhD in 2013 at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the field of inhibition of corrosion process on metal surfaces. Her  research career started at the Jožef Stefan Institute. The results she obtained represent an important contribution to science in the field of corrosion inhibitiors. She has been working in Kolektor at the Research Department since 2013 and is responsible for studies concerning corrosion processes and anticorrosion protection on magnetic and hybrid components and drive systems for automotive applications. Further, she is responsible for development of environmentally friendly plasma process for cleaning and metallization of various materials. Her innovations open new dimensions of sustainable and ecological processes in the field of automotive and industrial technology. She collaborates extensively with educational and scientific institutions through national and EU projects and mentors undergraduate and phd students. In year 2022 she was awarded for Woman Engineer of the Year 2021.