Useful Tips

Language. The official language in Slovenia is the Slovene language. Beside the mother tongue, most Slovenians speak also at least one foreign language, most frequently English, German and Italian.

Electricity. Electricity is supplied as alternating current (220 volts, 50 Hz).

Climate. The Ceria 2024 Conference will take place in the Mediterranean region of Slovenia. In the mid of September the temperatures are expected to range from 19 degree Celsius at night up to 30 degree Celsius during the day. The temperature of the sea should be around 25 degree Celsius, warm enough for swimming.

Currency. The currency in Slovenia is €uro (EUR). There are many exchange offices and banks available for changing money, so rates should not get worse even for less frequent currencies.

Credit cards. MasterCard/Eurocard, Visa, Diners and American Express are the most frequently used credit cards in Slovenia. They are accepted in hotels, restaurants, stores and taxis.

Public transport. For general transport, taxis are numerous and readily available. All taxis are equipped with a taximeter. Pay in €uro only the fare shown on the meter. There is a supplementary charge for luggage carried in the boot of the car. Public bus services are frequent. Bus tickets/tokens may be bought at most newspaper kiosks and tobacconists.

Wi-Fi internet access. For the duration of the Ceria 2024 Conference, Wi-Fi internet access will be available free of charge in Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center.

No-smoking policy. For the comfort and health of all attendees, the Ceria 2024 Conference is smoke-free. In addition to this, there is a law in Slovenia that prohibits indoor smoking in public places except for strictly designated sections.

Silent cellular phone policy. For the comfort and peace of all attendees, cellular telephone ringing has to be switched off before entering lecture rooms. Violators will be asked to leave the lecture room.

Emergency medical service. Resuscitation team and emergency ambulance will be available at all times during the event. Please report all emergencies to the registration desk.

Responsibility. Responsibility for personal accidents and damage to private property of participants is not accepted by the Organizing Committee of the Ceria 2024 Conference. Participants should therefore make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance if they wish. Participants from countries having a Health Insurance Convention with Slovenia must bear a valid Certificate of Insurance; others must pay the cost of medical treatment.